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A brief history of the church of Christ in Tullahoma:

Our Lord’s Church has had an eventful history in Tullahoma. Although details are lost in antiquity, it is reported that the first group of New Testament Christians began meeting in Tullahoma about 1857. Services were held on a somewhat irregular basis with preaching “on Sunday afternoons in old schoolhouses and in groves”. During the Civil War of 1861-1865, Tullahoma was occupied by both Confederate and Union Armies. During that period and the decade of reconstruction which followed, there is no record available of the church. However, we may safely assume that there were those who continued faithful to the pattern of New Testament Christianity, because by 1880 there were about 40 Christians in the area when the first known protracted meeting was held. Sixteen additions were reported before the meeting closed on July 22, 1880. The first meeting houses were Knott’s Boarding House and in an academy in the 200 block of North Jackson Street. Early in the 1880’s a brick meeting house was erected in the 200 block of North Atlantic Street. However, due to the “noise of trains”, a new meeting house was erected in 1887 at the corner of Jackson and Grundy Streets (building now used by First Christian Church). In 1905, a division occurred on account of innovations (music, etc.) introduced into the worship. For some time a group of 17 members who did not accept these innovations continued to share use of the building at Jackson and Grundy Streets, meeting in the afternoon, but soon found themselves locked out. This group then began meeting in homes, and for a time in the old Wigwam Theater in the 100 block of North Jackson Street. Later they rented the “Odd Fellows Hall” and met there until 1914. During 1913 and 1914, the small congregation built a meetinghouse at 111 South Jackson Street, which they occupied in 1914. During 1923, the interior was completed and seats installed. A central heating system was installed in the building in April 1946 thus; the need for a place to worship was served until 1950. The growth of the congregation warranted a larger meetinghouse, and construction was begun on an auditorium adjacent to the existing meeting house. It was completed, and services were first held there in November 1950. In October 1955, an annex connecting the new auditorium and the educational building was completed. In 1971, after several years of planning, a new building site was purchased at the corner of North Polk and East Grundy Streets. In September 1972, ground was broken, and in February 1974, the congregation occupied the new facility. The facility seats 620 and can be expanded to seat approximately 1200 without structural modification. In 1994, an annex was added to provide room for additional class rooms and group gatherings. After occupying the structure, in 1974, the congregation decided to be known simply as “The church of Christ, which meets at 301 East Grundy Street”.